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Since Disney bought Marvel..

 one of my friends made this...LOL  LOVE Logan's face..LOL..now I got High School musical in my head!

 A friend of mine of is looking for this pic in HQ  or just larger please let me know Thanks!

Youtube fans please read!!

Some of you might have noticed that some videos that you have in your faves on youtube don't work no more ..it seems that Warner Music Group has silenced alot of the music with all the copyrighted stuff and saying that we are infringing on it and that we have no rights to it...but as you know alot of I love making Hugh videos and Wolvie ones too and they are making it harder for me to do that and we are only doing it for fun..so go look in your faves and see how many of the songs are muted here is a link for you to pass on and rate it and add to your faves!!


I'm in a 80's & 90's mood..

I don't know why but it just seems that I love that 80's  and 90's music...it makes you feel so good when you down in the dumps or your feeeeeling OLD...LOL makes me think about going to the local skating rink of Saturday nights..yesterday I was watching tv and Madi and I saw that Walmart commerical done to  the Queen song WE will Rock you..funny hearing your child singing a song that you used to listen to at or around that age..LOL I just wanted to post something...I'm so bored...OK now i'm listening to Mamma Mia that song is going to be in my head all day night...**hits self on head**


I want a glass of milk now..LOL